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Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives (JDAI)

The goal for the JDAI sub-committee within the Tribal-State Consortium is to develop a Tribal JDAI Model that can be incorporated into the overall State to Scale effort in getting JDAI established throughout the State of New Mexico.

The Isleta Pueblo has been identified as the place to create and test the JDAI model. Funding and technical assistance will come from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and The Burns Institute. Members of the Isleta Pueblo attended a national JDAI Conference in Arizona to familiarize and prepare them for this project. The Pueblo of Isleta is also working with The Burns Institute to conduct a systemic data and needs analysis to determine the next step for this pilot project.

Plans for 2016

Continued evaluation of the pilot project will be completed and a plan generated to incorporate additional tribal sites with this program.