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Full Faith and Credit

Full Faith and Credit is a subcommittee within the Tribal-State Consortium which reviews the laws, rules and procedures used in domestic orders from both Tribal and State Courts. They make recommendations and collaborate to create model orders that will be recognized by State courts and be given ‘full faith and credit’ when enforced.

These orders are particularly important in cases of domestic violence, child support enforcement, child custody or any case that would involve the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). State law also contains a provision directing State Courts to recognize Tribal orders for involuntary commitment of children in mental health cases. (Sec. 32A-6A-29 NMSA 1978).

Project Passport (First Pages of Orders of Protection)

The State Supreme Court adopted a “uniform first page” for all State orders of protection in 2008 and several Tribal Courts have adapted the form to fit their own laws and customs since then. Copies of these orders can be found below.

The Consortium began working on ‘Project Passport’ in 2007 and conducted regional meetings to introduce the ‘uniform first page’ or ‘passport’ concept to the Tribes located in New Mexico. Project Passport helps to ensure that victims are safe from batterers, no matter where they are. This common first page acts like a ‘Passport’ to ensure other courts and law enforcement agencies recognize the orders and will enforce its directives to ensure victims of domestic violence are protected even when they travel outside their judicial jurisdictions.

Order of Protection - State of New Mexico First Page

A model of the first page on a State Domestic Violence Order